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Late at night, as usual, not even in the lab yet! I'm messing around on the kitchen counter...
(These pic's might be too big for decent page loading speed, let me know if it is to much of a hog, est. 196 sec. at 28kb)

OK, as stated, just seeing what I can see. On left, the mess.
On right, the trace of a pulse coming from the 555 timer circuit. The yellow input lead is connected to the + from battery (4 AA cells) and the green lead is connected to the output from the 555 (pin 3) via a small capacitor.
010411-02-setup.jpg (27316 bytes) 010411-03-scope.jpg (22212 bytes)
Here I added a ferrite core coil (choke?), passing the signal from the capacitor thru the coil to the Vdd (+). My green lead is connected between the cap and the coil.
Again, just to see what happens.
What do you see?
010411-04-setup.jpg (29986 bytes) 010411-06-scope.jpg (19730 bytes)
OK, now I swapped the coil for a transformer (2-coil, was 1:1 but about half the windings removed from one, also the ferrite around the sides broke off - oops.) Connection is the same as above, secondary is open.

Look at that dip after the pulse!

010411-07-setup.jpg (27668 bytes) 010411-08-scope.jpg (18574 bytes)
Now this is weird!
I connected the green lead to one end of the secondary coil, the other end still 'open'.

What do you think of this?
Maybe just picking up interference?

010411-09-setup.jpg (31367 bytes) 010411-10-scope.jpg (15956 bytes)
Now I connect the 'open' secondary to the Vdd (+), really different, eh? 010411-11-setup.jpg (31259 bytes) 010411-12-scope.jpg (18986 bytes)
This time connect other end of secondary coil to Vss (-) instead of Vdd(+).

Looks about the same to me.

010411-13-setup.jpg (32785 bytes) 010411-15-scope.jpg (18973 bytes)
"Dual LED flasher" (see below)

Very stable, equal length pulses. Scope shows one output, the other is the opposite.

Didn't try a coil on it yet, next time...

010411-16-setup.jpg (29564 bytes) 010411-17-scope.jpg (11071 bytes)
Dual LED flasher:
Uses one 4011, a Quad 2-input NAND Gate.

Very nice output.

010411-18-plan.jpg (34296 bytes)

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