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Riding the Silver Lake Dunes in 2002
October 5th, 2002 pictures of dune riding
at Silver Lake State Park near Mears, Michigan, USA.
The weather was brisk, with a cool breeze from Lake Michigan, it had rained but cleared up and dried out a bit. This was on a Saturday afternoon so the dunes had lots of ruts, not real smooth.

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At the races... Quads off the line, racing!
Out near Lake Michigan Lake Michigan, see the boat?
Bike passing us on the dunes... Garth in his buggy; "Hot VW".
The bumpy ride to the dunes. On the dunes...
Garth touring the dunes. Ready to go!
Wide view... Close-up, notice wrinkled tires.
Oh my, trying to get stuck? Close-up of "Hot VW" sand blasting...
Bike rider on dunes. Close encounter of a quad kind!
Back at the parking lot, the "Hot VW" is on the trailer, Gary's truck is in background. The End!
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October 5th, 2002
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All images photographed by Gary Meyer, copyright 2002-2003 all rights reserved.